Thursday, 25 November 2010

Brian Coleman describes the FBU.....

"A thoroughly unpleasant and nasty lot...Most are thick, can’t string a sentence together and frankly are incoherent."

These are Brian Coleman's sweet words of conciliation according to Evening Standard journalist: Ross Lydall, who has done some great reporting on the fire dispute in London.

To keep up to date with his reports, please see his blog and his Twitter feed.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Brian Coleman Hampered

Ross Lydall has a very interesting article in the Evening Standard today about the fortchcoming Fire Authority meeting on Thursday. I recommend you go and read it, but here are a couple of nuggets of information from it.

Outside, there'll be a protest to reinstate the suspended union activist and Queen's Fire Service Medal owner
Sian Griffiths.

Inside, Councillor Navin Shah will be asking Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman:

"The recent press coverage concerning the hospitality outlined below which was received by you from Asset Co prior to the award of a contract:

· Lunch to a value of £25 on 30 October 2007
· Dinner to a value of £50 on 23 July 2008
· A Harvey Nichols hamper to a value of £350 on 24 December 2008
· Dinner to a value of £40 on 19 January 2009

has been highly critical. Do you now accept that these actions reflect poor judgement and a lack of sensitivity on your part and will you now assure Londoners that such damaging conduct will not be repeated in the future?"

A good question - but I wouldn't hold your breath for a good answer from slippery Mr Toad.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Brian Coleman - Fanning the flames

As the increasingly bitter dispute within the London Fire Brigade rumbles on, fire chief Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman has proposed cutting 16 per cent of London's fire engines.

What hope of any kind of resolution with this pig-headed fool at the helm?

As ever, Adam Bienkov has the scoop.