Monday, 25 January 2010

Coleman's 'legacy of hope'

The Barnet Times reports that Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman took both his faces to commemorate the Holocaust 'legacy of hope' Memorial Day in Hendon yesterday.

Mr Toad said:
"This year the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day is 'the legacy of hope'. Our legacy here in Barnet is a united community committed to educating the next generation against the prejudice of the last and determined to show we will stand up against those who advocate hate."

Coleman of course has something of a track record of standing up against those other Holocaust victims: Gypsies.

Legacy of hope? I despair.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Brian Coleman in a flap about internet freedom

Here's Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman striking a blow for intenet freedom in his press release of July of 2008:

Cllr Brian Coleman, London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden, has condemned the internet censorship that China is imposing on foreign journalists during the Beijing Olympics.

“I am appalled but not surprised at such authoritarian
behaviour by the Communist regime in China. They are clearly ashamed of the human rights abuses taking place just a few miles away from the Olympic Stadium, and are trying to hide this away from the rest of the world.

And here's Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman striking a blow against internet freedom in the Ham and High of October 2009:

"Just as we are regulating the net over child porn issues, I am afraid I have come to the conclusion that we need to regulate for the protection of public figures and private individuals who are targeted."

I have no doubt that the Communist regime in China agree with Mr Toad wholeheartedly.

I wonder which of his many failings he's ashamed of and trying to hide away from the rest of the world. It could be all the freeloading I suppose - or the bitter dispute he's in with the fire brigade. Perhaps its the embarrassment he continues to cause to the Conservative party. Or maybe its just his glaring Mr Bumble lookalikeyness that he wishes to cover up.
What do you think?