Monday, 25 January 2010

Coleman's 'legacy of hope'

The Barnet Times reports that Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman took both his faces to commemorate the Holocaust 'legacy of hope' Memorial Day in Hendon yesterday.

Mr Toad said:
"This year the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day is 'the legacy of hope'. Our legacy here in Barnet is a united community committed to educating the next generation against the prejudice of the last and determined to show we will stand up against those who advocate hate."

Coleman of course has something of a track record of standing up against those other Holocaust victims: Gypsies.

Legacy of hope? I despair.


  1. Mayor Brian Colemans legacy will be that he's the only mayor to have been found guilty of a Standards breach whilst in office. That's how the history books will remember him.

    A rather sad footnote on a rather sad career.

  2. What has this nasty little man ever done to unite a community, other than in condemnation of his self indulgent, expenses fuelled lifestyle?