Friday, 16 October 2009

Brian Coleman has no room for gypsies

Bravely striking another blow for intolerance of ethnic minorities, Assembly Member Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman rails today, in the Ham and High, against Boris Johnson's London Plan - which requires the provision of sites for gypsies and travellers in London.

"The whole idea of top-down pitch targets is completely wrong. It should be communities telling the mayor how many pitches they can provide, not the other way around." blustered Brian of
twisted knickers fame.

So the question is - how many sites would you come up with then Coleman?
The answer, according to The Barnet Times -
not even “one single site”.

You really are multicultural tolerance personified aren't you Mr Toad?

I just came across this image of Brian Coleman at Barnet Multicultural Day (May 2009). Their slogan was 'Health and Harmony in the Community'. Just as long as there's no gypsies eh Coleman?


  1. I used to quote the saying that "empty vessels make the most noise". They don't, it's a lie, useless twats do.

  2. As the descendant of both Romany gypsies (graciously tolerated by Mr Coleman if they live in 'romantic' caravans and don't want anywhere to park them) and Irish travellers (guilty of a. being Irish and b. being over here) I am more than willing to come round and 'tarmac your drive', Brian, as long as you promise to lie down on it first.

    I suggest that you contemplate the fact that racist ideology sent up to a million or more Roma people to their deaths by Nazi genocide in the War. As well as fighting anti semitism, politicians should all be doing more to eradicate the facile and vicious exclusion and scapegoating of gypsies and travelling people -Justitia Themis

  3. I think they should place a site right in the middle of Hendon or Golders Green - how about on the site of the holocaust memorial garden in Hendon Park.