Friday, 23 October 2009

London Fire Authority hijacked by Brian Coleman and his sleazy crew

Its the news that firefighters have been dreading. Just as Adam Bienkov and Rog T predicted, Brian Coleman has seized political control of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

Steve Reed reports what happened in his blog:
"London's Tories are using public money to fund cash hand-outs to defecting councillors. At today’s meeting of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority Tory defectors Cllr Betty Evans-Jacas (Lambeth) and Cllr Bertha Joseph (Brent) were both given positions worth thousands of pounds in allowances. The defections give the Tories a majority on London’s Fire Authority for the first time."

"Brian Coleman, who is possibly even more revolting than Bertha Joseph, will use this majority to push through various controversial measures in defiance of workforce opposition. This includes changing shift patterns, removing beds in fire stations, removing diversity officers, and installing a new private entrance at the LFEPA headquarters at I don't know what expense."

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  1. Perhaps they could give the beds to Mr Toad?

  2. Now let's be fair: in regard to the new private entrance for the divine presence himself, I would imagine that this is a necessary expense. After all, at the rate his ego expands, he probably can't squeeze his head through the doors of the public entrance ...

  3. It's all about equal rights bollocks, two black female mayor's one of whom defects to the tories because labour wouldn't recruit more black councilors. This is Nick Griffin in reverse.

  4. As far as I can see, this story is all about a political coup for Brian Coleman's Conservatives and has nothing whatsoever to do with skin colour.

    The fact is that its a more-than-a-little-dodgy crew running LFEPA now - led by Mr Toad himself. Does he care whether they are black or white? I VERY much doubt it. He wants, and now has, the political power - and he clearly isn't too fussed who he has to work with in order to get it. I think that the colour of the people in the story is a total red herring.

  5. Yes it is, however Bertha Joseph should not be allowed to jump ship when it suits, especially on the grounds she gave as cause for doing so, thereore she should give up her position and this would hinder the tories having a majority.