Monday, 2 November 2009

Brian Coleman's X Factor Xclusion

Oh dear. Brian Coleman has got all sulky about the X Factor house. I thought something like this might happen.

Simon Cowell recently threw a lavish 50th birthday party for himself in Barnet you see. And as
Marie-Claire magazine noted:
"The guest like a who's-who of cool.
From Kate Moss to Cheryl Cole, via Kevin Spacey and Katie Price - not to mention Dannii Minogue, Alexandra Burke, Myleene Klass, Amanda Holden, Leona Lewis, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, David Hasselhoff and hundreds of others - anyone who was anyone was there".

But wait a minute. No invitation for Mayor Brian Coleman, Barnet's First Citizen? Some mistake surely? Especially when you consider that he's spent a lifetime dedicated to swigging champagne and munching canapes at other people's expense (indeed, that's pretty much his job nowadays). Here was Barnet's biggest ever freeloading opportunity, right on his patch, and it seems that Barnet's biggest ever freeloader simply didn't make the grade. And if, as Marie-Claire say - anyone who was anyone was there - what does that make Brian Coleman?

I had a bad feeling that Brian Coleman's revenge would be swift and terrible - and so it has proven to be - with Coleman choosing the Barnet borough location of the X Factor house as his sulky weapon of sour grapes. As he told the Barnet Times:
"I shall be writing to Simon Cowell this afternoon to say: if they can’t be good neighbours then they should move to a more secluded location where they are no bother to anyone else.”

Oooh! That'll certainly teach that Simon Cowell not to invite Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman to his parties!

'Not the Barnet Times' blog has more on this, like for example, that it seems the residents in the street in question are quite happy with the X Factor House, and that Mr Toad would do well to follow his own suggestion about moving to a location where he'll be no bother to anyone else in future. Quite. John and Edward would make a better Mayor.

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