Thursday, 26 November 2009

Anonymous Contributor Staggered by Brian Coleman

This was posted as an anonymous comment on yesterdays blog concerning Brian Coleman's commemoration of the Holocaust and his hypocrisy. I thought it deserved greater prominence. I have taken the liberty of adding paragraph breaks but have otherwise left it unchanged:
The extent of this man's hypocrisy and cynicism is staggering.

He has spent so many years wallowing in the gutter of confrontational politics, exploiting controversy for personal publicity, and now he dares to use the horror of the Holocaust to tell us about the importance of 'living together in harmony'?

Coleman, take a look at your own published remarks about gypsies, travellers, and sundry other groups and individuals, and ask yourself how you can possibly claim in anyway to have contributed to creating a more harmonious society?

Jewish children were murdered in the Holocaust in a racist act of genocide: gypsy children were murdered in death camps too - why? Because of mindless prejudice which is perpetuated today, even in the 21st century.

Antisemitism is now rightly seen as beyond contempt: prejudice against gypsies and travellers is present still in our society and encouraged by media stereotyping and comments by public figures such as yourself when engaging in debates about providing such people with stopping places or the most basic facilities for sustaining life. Take a trip to the Imperial War Museum, and the Holocaust exhibition, look at the Nazi 'catalogues' of Romany children and think a little more carefully about the vote winning posturing you like to indulge in.

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