Friday, 31 July 2009

What the Dickens!?!

If Charles Dickens were still around, he would, I'm sure, have enjoyed writing about Brian Coleman. In fact, I have often wished for his genius at deft ridicule, particularly for the purposes of writing this blog. For if ever there were a modern day Dickensian figure then surely it is Councillor Coleman of Totteridge, Mayor of Barnet and self-styled 'King of Bling'.

Imagine then my delight at coming across this incontestible proof of his Dickensian-ness:

Mr Bumble the beadle................Mr Coleman the mayor

"Mr. Bumble had a great idea of his oratorical powers and his importance."
~Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist

I rest my case.

I should add here that Brian 'Mr Bumble' Coleman is in no way related to Barnet's other Mr Bumble. This latter Mr Bumble of course, being much-loved at Barnet Football Club...

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