Friday, 17 July 2009

Herculean effort, and an attack from the archive

Right now, (and doubtless for a time to come), Adam Bienkov of the Tory Troll blog is undergoing the Herculean task of going through Brian Coleman's expenses (pictured above). Good quality, primary source journalism. Its a blog that has broken the stories on a whole load of Coleman outrages. Keep a check on it for more revelations to come.

Apart from the good works of the Tory Troll, there's been so much other Coleman-related press and bloggery this week that I confess I've had some trouble keeping tabs on it all. Here for your interest though, are some recent highlights:

Liberal Conspracy asks 'Is Brian Coleman AM finished?'
Barnet Council Watch says 'This is not just arrogance. This is Brian Coleman arrogance'.

And I finish with a clipping from the archive kindly sent to me on Facebook by a Barnet Football Club supporter. As he wrote:

"Coleman claimed to have been attacked by Barnet supporters, but had in fact barged into a group of Colindale residents opposed to building in Montrose Park. As one eye witness (a former councillor) put it: "Oh my God, he's attacking them!"

As my correspondent went on to point out:

"There's no love lost between Barnet supporters and Coleman, given his antics against the club relating to the ground issue, so imagine the shock when he turned up for the final match of last season (complimentary tickets and matchday hospitality of course!)."

Originally published in the Evening Standard on 9th March 2006, the piece was written by one of Coleman's many winers and diners: Ross Lydall. Click the thumbnail for bigger and readable:

Tory chief in fracas with soccer ground protesters

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