Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Coleman's Bottom

Histrory, they say, repeats itself.

So it is with the
Asset Co scandal, in which Coleman awarded the company a multi million pound contract after being wined and dined by their chief executive.

This, after all, is not the first time that free food fan: Mr Toad has been supportive of a venture being promoted by someone who also happens to be one of his many winers and diners - detailed
here and here.

Those with long memories may recall that Brian Coleman forced through a
scheme that included a deeply unpopular new road to be built across a primary school playing field in New Barnet (Metropolitan Open Land adjoining the Green Belt). Rather than debate the environmental and planning merits of the scheme, he chose instead to use a straw man argument, effectively labelling local parents and environmental campaigners - his constituents mark you - as a bunch of racists, "idiots" and "the usual Nimby brigade".

Now why would Brian Coleman go to such lengths to abuse his own constituents? I merely note that he is regularly wined and dined by the president of the venture which wanted to build the road:
Gerald Ronson - and I leave readers to draw their own conclusions.

Incidentally, I hear that the hated road is known locally as 'Coleman's Bottom'. Here's what it looked like before Coleman:

Here's what it looks like since Coleman added (landscape) injury to insult:

Tip of the hat to the Save New Barnet campaign for the pictures.


  1. The Barnet Times are reporting that when they tried to contact Cllr Coleman regarding this contract, he put the phone down on them.

    Perhaps he has a very heavy handset as he appears to drop it quite regularly.

    Doesn't the Members Code of Conduct have a rule about treating the public with respect?

  2. Its arrogant behaviour towards the paper - and its contemptuous of the elctorate into the bargain.

    We constituents, we voters, deserve an explanation.