Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Brian's bookshelf

If, like me, you've ever wondered about Brian Coleman and, specifically, what on Earth might have made him so...so...well, you know, like he is - then this post is for you.

This blog has managed to get a sneaky glimpse of Brian's bookshelf and I think it provides a revealing insight into what has inspired Brian Coleman to be so...so...well anyway, here are the books we sneakily glimpsed:

Firstly, an object lesson, on why you must be careful about what books you give your easily-influenced children to read. Just look at Coleman's Bottom! NB - its not as scary as it sounds.

Secondly, a book that's clearly been a huge success for the comatose Councillor Coleman.

Here's some more advice that the Assembly Member for Barnet and Cabden has taken very much to heart.

Enough said!

And finally - Oh dear. It looks like the masticating Mayor has taken some bad advice when it comes to his pet hate: Blogs, and his pet love: Lunches.

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  1. Missing from his bookshelf is The Hubris Syndrome by Dr David Owen. An interesting book detailing how high office sends some politicians off the deep end.