Thursday, 29 April 2010

Coleman makes Barnet a laughing stock (again)

Here's the latest from the 'Rotten Boroughs' column of Private Eye:

People of Totteridge ward - surely this is not what you really want. The Liberal Democrats beat Labour into third place in Totteridge last time around. If you also believe that Coleman has got to go, then its probably your best bet to vote for them. What's more, turnout was only 42.51%. A bigger turnout and a swing to the Lib Dems is probably the best hope of unseating this man, rather generously described by Private Eye as a charmless oaf.

Come on people of Totteridge! Mr Toad has GOT to go!

Disclaimer - I know nothing whatsoever about any of the candidates in Totteridge except Coleman - about whom I know far too much.


  1. You need an independent Tory, really. Totteridge voting for anything but a dyed-in-the-wool blue-blood is as likely as Coleman passing up a free lunch.

  2. Conservative voters in Totteridge can vote for two Tory councillors - Richard and Alison Cornelius. There is no law which says that you have to cast all three votes.

  3. ... why can't you non Coleman supporting Tories organise a coup and deselect him? Come on, stand up for what you say you believe in ...

  4. Mrs Angry

    Only members of the local Party have the power to do that, but in any event, the selection process is rigged to prevent ordinary members having a say about anything.