Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Coleman rides the gravy taxi

As George Osborne delivered the toughest budget in years today, news broke of yet another Coleman-caused embarrassment to the Conservative Party.

Proposals for a self-awarded 9 per cent pay rise would you believe, and a new title: 'Supreme Chief Toad and Eternal Croak Leader' (or some such).

Adam Bienkov has the scoop at the Tory Troll blog.

Does the new title come with any bling Adam?


  1. George Osborne has announced a two year freeze for public sector workers paid more than £21,000 a year but clearly this doesn’t apply to toads.

    When Dennis Healy was Chancellor, he tried to limit pay rises to £6 a week, which was relatively easy to circumvent by giving workers fancy new job titles paid at a higher rate. It seems that Coleman is wise to the game.

  2. Who is the more despicable: Coleman and his insatiable ego, or Johnson, for cynically making use of someone like that?

  3. Ooh Mrs Angry - if only my exam questions were as easy as this! (it should be noted though that I may be biased) :-)