Friday, 28 August 2009

Three easyCheers for Barnet's No-Frills Approach

Well done indeed Barnet!

The Guardian reports today that you are adopting an easyJet-style, no-frills approach to local government. This is fantastic trail-blazing stuff for sure, delivering the change that the people want, right at the heart of where it is needed.

No doubt you'll start by axing the bloated allowances and expenses of Barnet's frilliest councillor (and Mr Bumble look-a-like): Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman:

Absolutely brilliant stuff Barnet and I'm sure I speak, what's that? The no-frills approach is really all about changes like removing services from the elderly and vulnerable you say? So, not delivering the change that the people want and all that then?



  1. The question I would ask is: "Why is Mike Freer coming out with this now?". He's only the leader for a short while longer and won't be able to implement the plans, even if they are approved. It seems to me this is all a show to impress David Cameron so that he doesn't have to rot on the back benches if elected MP next year.

    I don't believe it has anything to do with improving - or even maintianing - existing public services.

  2. Well Don't Call Me Dave - you could always ask that very question direct to Mike 'now-styled-as-a-consultant-rather-than-as-a-former-banker-since-the-Iceland debacle' Freer himself on another of his cost-cutting, no-frills initiatives: