Friday, 11 December 2009

Brian Coleman - The Fast, Furious and Foolish

A major piece of research has been published today in the British Medical Journal.

As the
BBC reports:
The researchers compared data on road collisions, injuries and deaths in London between 1986 and 2006, with speed limits on roads.

After adjusting for a general reduction in road injuries in recent years, they found that the introduction of 20mph zones were associated with a 41.9% drop in casualties.

The greatest reduction was seen in children under the age of 11 years and in the numbers of all ages killed or seriously injured.
So its official - 20mph limits save lives.

I wonder what
convicted speeder Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman has to say about plans to create such a life-saving 20mph limit on Camden High Street. Ah, here we are:

“Camden High Street is a major A-road route north and the idea that its speed is to be limited to only 20mph ignores the needs of motorist who need to move around and indeed drive out of London......I shall be calling on the Mayor to scrap this decision immediately.”

So Mr Toad, never mind that its a life saving measure - just make sure that nothing slows down your Mayoral limo on when you're on your way to yet another
free feed eh.


PS - More on Mr Toad's road safety record here.


  1. Should that read: 'ignores the needs of all reckless and selfish drivers who prefer to lose their driving licences for speeding and putting other people's lives at risk rather than obey the law and consider the safety and wellbeing of others?'

  2. He is equally unconcerned about traffic in his GLA constituency. See page 20 Ham & High, Dec. 17. Asked to be deleted from the emails of one of his West Hampstead constituents,