Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The two faces of Brian Coleman

Oh look, here's Mayor Coleman posing with Mayor Johnson this morning at Ilford fire station. They were there today - not just to bask in the reflected glory of the brave lads of Green Watch - but also to bask in the reflected glory of the fire station's green makeover (solar panels, high efficiency boiler and so forth).

Now this is all very opportune, as Boris Johnson himself
pointed out:
"As expectant eyes around the globe turn to Copenhagen to see whether world leaders will take action on climate change, here in London we are making a difference right now."

So there you have it - Brian Coleman's green credentials on very public display. Let the polluters tremble. Greenpeace may as well pack up and go home. Jenny Jones can stop complaining. The planet is in Coleman's safe, green hands at last. Phew!

Hang on a minute though.....surely this is not the same green Brian Coleman whose most recent
London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) budget recommends removing the £60,000 Sustainability revolving fund for improvements in energy efficiency schemes.

Likewise, I'm sure it must be this latter Brian Coleman who promoted
road-building on school fields, car-park building on parks and who opposed plans for a wind turbine at a Barnet school trying to implement a green programme.

Perhaps the valiant defender of the planet on parade at Ilford this morning has an evil twin.

Tip of the hat to Nick Carthew for the LFEPA budget example. Thank you.

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  1. oh be fair: Brian Coleman can be very green when the mood takes him: he imposed compulsory recycling on the ignorant serfs of Barnet, I hear ... By the way, what was that monthly consultancy fee that used to pop up on the old declarations, my memory isn't what it was, you know?