Friday, 12 February 2010

London firefighters protest against Brian Coleman

These clips, from last night's news, clearly demonstrate the level of anger that London firefighters are feeling against Brian Coleman. For background information on the dispute, I recommend the excellent 'Tory Troll' blog here and here.

Anyone know where I can get one of those 'Coleman must go' t-shirts? :-))


  1. Pretty sure that 12 hour shifts operate quite safely around a good chunk of the country... FBU just enjoying a scrap. Still - COLEMAN'S GOT TO GO!!!!!!!

  2. not sure you understand what this could mean to you and all other members of the public. would you feel comfortable being cut out of your car by a firefighter using cutting equipment with a 7 ton cutting force inches away from your body when they are reasonably rested in the middle of the night or one that has had little or no sleep in the past 48 hours. i am not a militant fbu member but i can see the drawbacks to the proposed changes that brian coleman want to force through.

  3. Why wouldn't that fire fighter be rested from the sleep that they would have had during the day proceeding their night shift?

  4. The crux of this matter is not whether or not a firefighter is rested or not, it is that allowing a change of shifts to 12 hour duration allows the loss of night time cover as the workforce is more flexible. If firefighter are all working 12 hours shifts appliances can be taken off the run( taken out of service) or stations closed for 12 hr periods at night.
    The majority of deaths in fires occur at night when fires go undetected for longer periods, the loss of night time cover WILL result in MORE deaths,
    is this acceptable, NO

  5. Anonymous said that 12 hour shifts work in the rest of the country but in the counties Firefighters usually live in their own stations area unlike London where most of us can't afford to buy a house in the capital and have to move 2 hours travelling outside the city making a 12 hour day into 16 hours away from home

  6. The lack of beds (and full cooking facilities) at Harold Hill is unacceptable and must not happen.

    The two biggest debates must surely be the alarming report that once 12 hour shifts are in place brian coleman will reduce fire cover at night in london (which must be argued at the highest political level)


    In a time where budgets are being reduced and cost cutting exercises are put in much will it actually cost the authority to impliment these changes??

    Can any of these changes really be justified when we have already been told that the proposed shift changes will NOT save any all?

    Brian Coleman must go!

  7. poor firefighters only 6 days off in eieght for the fire station but some work rest days including the days when they work nights should they be doing this