Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Ball gown Bertha and the ugly sisters

The ugly sisters are having a laugh.

Brian Coleman's deputy at the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA), has been caught out buying ball gowns for herself with money that should have gone to charity. Yesterday, Bertha 'ball gown' Joseph lost an appeal against her six month suspension. Adam Bienkov at the Tory Troll has the scoop.

However, ball gown Bertha not only still gets to go to the LFEPA ball - she's guest of honour. As Labour Vice Chair of LFEPA Navin Shah pointed out:
"Boris Johnson the Mayor of London, Cllr Bob Blackman and Cllr Brian Coleman’s record has been lamentable on this matter. Cllr Coleman Chair of LFEPA and his Tory colleagues have not only supported the disgraceful conduct of their member, but they’ve rewarded Cllr Joseph by handing out additional £12,000 a year from public purse and elevating her to the position of a Deputy Chair of the Fire Authority."

The ugly sisters are having a laugh. At us.

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  1. David Cameron must be so proud. This is the way to win the hearts and minds of voters to the Tory cause: castigate greedy MPS (if they happen to be Labour) but stay silent when this sort of shameful business occurs. Coleman and Johnson are utterly cynical and shameless and show complete contempt for the idea of integrity in public life by condoning this woman's behaviour. Disgraceful.