Monday, 1 March 2010

Coleman's cold comfort

Do you remember those poor souls in East Barnet who had the most miserable Christmas, without power, and in Arctic conditions?

Well, hopes were raised recently when it was announced that Barnet council is setting up a scrutiny committee to make sure someone else takes the blame bring the culprits to account!

Then hopes were swiftly dashed, when it was reported that the committee will be chaired by Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman. Speaking to the
Barnet Times, Mr Toad said:
"I want to hear from as many residents as possible so we are fully equipped to speak with authority on lessons that need to be learned for the future."

However, the excellent Vickim57 blog reports that Mr Toad:
"has snubbed calls to hold the meeting in or close to East Barnet, meaning many of the vulnerable people who were left high and dry by the communication breakdown will again be denied the chance to have their say."

The fool.

Residents who are able to make it to the meeting will be able to give their evidence to Mr Toad's committee, right over on the other side of the borough, at Hendon Town Hall, the Burroughs, NW4 4BG at 7pm on Thursday 4 March. Official papers available here.


  1. Amphibians are cold blooded. What did you expect from Mr Toad, he likes to be near his nice cosy mayors parlour - Check Mr Toads address here

  2. Mr Coleman will only take written evidence. Two public representatives have been chosen and that's it. He will also hear from ward councillors, council officers and the utilities. No public debate. So there you have it. Hold the meeting miles away from where the problem was, eliminate public debate and accept what they tell you. Not my idea of democracy

  3. Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly ... whatever would make you think that our Mayor is interested in democracy?