Tuesday, 2 March 2010

What have Brian Coleman's Conservatives got against the people of East Barnet ward?

Yesterday I reported on Coleman's reluctance to bring himself to the people of East Barnet for the committee which was supposed to be scrutinising their terrible loss of power over the Christmas and new year period, as the temperatures plummeted.

But it now turns out that's just the tip of his inaccessibility.
Comments left on this blog by New Barnet blogger: Mr Reasonable desribe how Coleman
"will only take written evidence. Two public representatives have been chosen and that's it. He will also hear from ward councillors, council officers and the utilities. No public debate. So there you have it. Hold the meeting miles away from where the problem was, eliminate public debate and accept what they tell you. Not my idea of democracy."

Quite. A far cry then, from what Coleman said to the Barnet Times:
"I want to hear from as many residents as possible so we are fully equipped to speak with authority on lessons that need to be learned for the future."

What's more, it turns out that this committee was held at the very same time as the council's demonstration - right over on the other side of the borough - of the planning options it is considering to replace the local town centre with soulless, high rise concrete and traffic pollution revitalise the local economy.

So the good people of East Barnet had to choose whether to have their voice heard on the power outtages they suffered, or to see the (frankly dreadful) schemes of Barnet council that are certain to affect them in a big way. Coleman's choice.

Barnet is 'represented' at the London level by Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman. At the Barnet coucil level, East Barnet ward which comprises New Barnet and East Barnet has three councillors. All of them are Conservative cronies of Coleman. Not one of them, it seems, lives in the ward they are so happy to concrete over. Indeed, they've already started. No wonder a Save New Barnet campaign has sprung up in self-defence.

So, what have Brian Coleman's Conservatives got against the people of East Barnet ward? I do not know. But one thing I do know: - If East Barnet ward votes for more of the same, in the elections on May 6th, they will surely get it.

If you're not registered to vote yet, you can register here.

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