Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bare-Faced Greed of Coleman's Conservatives

The 'Not The Barnet Times' blog reports this morning that Brian Coleman's Conservatives in Barnet are trying to force through proposals tonight that will see Coleman's already-inflated allowances rise to an austerity-busting £130,000.00+

Will it be enough to match his inflated ego?



  1. Coleman- Leader of the London Fire Authority is nothing better than a greedy arrogant crook. He is driving through changes to the firefighters terms and conditions that will result in a poorer quality of service to all Londoners, and has increased his hugely inflated expenses much to the disgust of most firefighters.

    This man is an abomination and should be queuing up at the dole office.

  2. As residents of three connected small one way streets off the main drag in High Barnet we are trying to sort out the obstructive,speeding freeloaders who park in our roads every day. A campaign has been running for over a year now. Fire engines/ambulances/bin men and delivery vans frequently cannot gain access. The fire service has been reporting this for over 5 years..nothing is done, This we believe must contravene H&S somewhere along the line? Since 2004 any move to change or improve our situation has been thwarted despite our best efforts. Apparently double yellows on the corners are too "difficult to police" or there is ( a laughable) lack of resources! It came to light that one of the most vociferous voices against control/change belongs to Cllr Bridget Perry -who happens to live amongst us and has flatly refused to help in any way shape or form. Let them burn in their beds or bleed to death while crew try to negotiate their way through badly parked vehicles whose owners probably live in another road as they can't be arsed to pay for permits. She claimed at the last Residents Forum meeting she chaired that she only has a problem parking at night so wasn't bothered about other's day time issues-she lives in a less affected part of the road. What with that and her passing inside info regarding a totally over the top yellow line proposal to her supporters club and not informing the residents directly affected- who she is supposed to represent-I guess the majority continue to suffer at the hands of the minority. Knowing her game was rumbled she bottled chairing the residents Forum rather than explain herself and face the anger of the residents. Hope that won't affect the amount of her probable pay rise!