Thursday, 29 July 2010

Top Barnet Tory: Coleman and Co are “immoral, disgusting and vile”

“immoral, disgusting and vile” - That's the view taken by no less a dignaitary than the Chairman of the Hendon and West Hendon Conservative groups, Adrian Murray-Leonard - who has bravely stuck his head above the parapet on the issue of Coleman and Co's naked greed.

In a Barnet Times article this morning he continues:

“Most of them are in it for themselves. They are living under an illusion of grandeur. Most of the people who are getting whipped to make the decision should stand up against it.”

Mr Murray-Leonard - hats off to you sir. There are loads of decent Conservatives like you around. But, as you rightly point out, Coleman and his cronies are "greedy vultures" with whom you do not want to be associated. Its no wonder that Chief Toad Coleman is such an embarrassment to the Conservative Party.


  1. Looks like the Deputy Chairman of Hendon Conservatives, who has called in Mr. Murray-Leonard for a "talking to" is another odious toe-rag.

  2. Mr Toad may like to be told his story is available free of charge this Sunday...

  3. Hope you purchased the Observer today, and a copy of the Wind in the Willows is on its way to him.

  4. In fact, you ought to create a link to:


  5. It has been popular belief that Mr Murray-Leonard was asked to attend a meeting for a dressing down from Hugh Rayner.If i can put the record straight,he did not attend the forementioned meeting nor has he had any form of dressing down from his Association,nor has he been cautioned by the Metropolitan police.