Thursday, 2 December 2010

A loyal Tory writes about Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman

"I have recently witnessed Mr Toad's bad behaviour at a meeting. He was reading other unrelated paperwork and playing with his mobiles. Then he chirped up with comments totally unrelated to the topic.

When I commented to a council official that he was very badly behaved ...they said that that is how he aways behaves.

I am a loyal Tory but this man is an embarrassment."

This was a comment left yesterday on the 'Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has got to go' Facebook group page.


  1. Can we ask all loyal Tories - especially the priviliged residents of Totteridge - to consider whether this man is really a suitable representative of the values in which they believe, and if not, perhaps to question why they keep voting for him? Thank you.

  2. The Finchley frog24 January 2011 at 23:28

    I am a Tory, and somewhat removed from Totteridge; but I would be more likely to vote for Fidel Castro than for Mr Toad.

  3. I am the writer of the original comment. I totally stand by it and coninue to find Mr Toad an embarrassment. I will not be able to vote Conservative while he remains on the ballot paper.

  4. I have had the dubious pleasure of witnessing Mr Toad's behaviour at a planning meeting, when he made off mic comments along the lines of how ridiculous it was that these residents were opposing the matter in hand. The ridiculous residents could hear him, although the committee couldn't. An attempt to complain about this was met with Mr Toad threatening to sue. Why is this man still a council member? Sorry for anonymous posting, but Mr Toad is legendary for his pursuit of anybody complaining about him.

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