Monday, 7 February 2011

No lollipops at Brian Coleman's banquet

The ever-excellent Adam Bienkov has unearthed the detail about Brian Coleman's "completely excessive" £2,338.00 lunch - paid from Fire Brigade budgets.

Keen toad-watchers will already be aware that the full-bellied, green-skinned councillor plans to axe lollipop crossing patrols for Barnet's children.

So this got me reaching for my righteous calculator of justice and my back-of-a-fag-packet of truth. Hypothetically speaking, just how many school crossing patrols could be paid for with the money Coleman squandered on personal face-stuffing?*

If we assume that Barnet's lollipop-bearers are on the minimum wage of £5.93 per hour (this is 'EasyCouncil' Barnet we're talking about remember), and if we assume that they work for 1.5 hours a day, we can calculate that they cost a total of £8.90 each day. If we then divide the cost of Coleman's 'free' lunch by the daily cost of a lollipop patrol person we can see that Coleman's lunch excesses would pay for 262 days of lollipoop patrol. Given that they only work in term time, say 200 days per year - that's more than an entire annual post - which Coleman intends to axe - in the name of austerity of course.

*I am aware that the different budget lines makes this an impossibility

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  1. did this really come from a communications budget? I suppose even the Fire Authority hasn't got a designated banqueting budget for Brian and chums ... what an appalling waste of public money.