Friday, 18 September 2009

Brian Coleman IS liable to pay us back our £10,000.00

As the ever-vigilant Barnet Times reports this week (click for bigger):
Barnet Times article

Regular readers will remember that it was the leader of Barnet Council, Mike Freer who lavished £10,000.00 of our money on his friend, Brian 'guilty-as-charged' Coleman's defence (despite the fact that there was legal representation already bought and paid for). Now it seems he has to pay it back - and I should jolly well think so too! He can certainly afford it.

Perhaps he's now regretting forking out for champagne in that somewhat peculiar 'celebration' of his guilt being established. Oh hang on a minute, perhaps it was free champers from the hamper. Now that would be more like the Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman we know.

Finally, I'd like to flag up a couple of excellent articles for your interest:

Dave Hill's: 'Blog wars: the citizen fights back'
- On Coleman - "He makes Edith Piaf look repentant."

Adam Bienkov's: Brian Coleman in bitter dispute with fire crews
- ""Do you know any other occupation where people are able to sleep on duty?"
Well I can think of
at least one"

Great stuff!

Ok, that's if for now. Please don't forget to vote.

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