Thursday, 10 September 2009

The "drip, drip, drip of poison"

In advance of his hearing by Barnet's Standards Committee today, Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman complained to an investigating officer about what he describes as the "drip, drip, drip of poison" written about him in "dodgy blogs".

The "dodgy blog" in question in the case of this hearing is Rog T's dodgier-than-a-seven-pound-note
Barnet Eye blog. In that blog, as the Evening Standard reported this week, Coleman has variously been described asarrogant, lazy and useless”, “Barnet's favourite numpty”, and addicted to cash and hospitality”. Regular readers will, I'm sure, fail to recognise Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman from these outrageous slurs.

Mr Toad, the poor victim of these shocking allegations, would never sink so low of course as to get personal with, and throw mud at his opponents.

Brian Coleman would never for example imply or outright accuse opponents of drunkenness - like the
Fire Brigade, Sir Ian Blair, or Ken Livingstone.

Brian Coleman would never imply that his opponents were
racist, or allege, in a fit of pique, that they are homophobic bigots.

Brian Coleman would never suggest that an opponent is an obsessive, posonous, lying, wanker.

Poor, poor, defenceless Brian. Its all just SO unfair.

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