Thursday, 3 September 2009

OFFICIAL: Coleman's snout too deep in the trough

The Standard reports today that "City Hall politicians should be banned from boosting their pay by doubling up as local councillors"

This, they say, is a recommendation from an independent review by The Senior Salaries Review Body. Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman's excesses are singled out for criticism in their report, as the Standard notes:
"The £25,613 allowance received by Brian Coleman as Tory fire authority chairman — he earns £88,997 in total — was about £6,300 too high andshould be frozen, the report added."

Well done indeed to the The Senior Salaries Review Body. However, I do recommend a closer inspection as you will find, I think, that Coleman's snout is way deeper in the trough than you realised.


  1. Even more bad news for Cllr Coleman. A spokesman for the Local Government Association has confirmed to Don’t Call Me Dave that our Brian will lose over £15,000 in allowances when Barnet leaves the LGA in April. Full details to follow soon at

  2. How will he be able to afford to eat!?!

    I look forward to your new weekly update DCMD. And should you have your calculator handy of course, it would be great to get a recalculation of the total we pay out each year for Barnet's own Olympic freeloading champion.

  3. ... but is he not a member through LFEPA so you and your spokesman are wrong David.

    But when has the truth ever got in the way of a good story for you!

  4. This is a useful contribution Anonymous. Its great to have a contributor on here with such an in-depth knowledge of Coleman's income. Thank you indeed.

    So, if David is incorrect on this matter, and Coleman is still receive that £15k of our money each year through the Local Government Association - does that mean that David's previous calculations about his bloated allowances that we pay for is correct?

    (This comment originally deleted due to dreadful punctuation - now improved and reposted)

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  7. Apologies for deleting a previous comment, but the LGA have just advised me that, contrary to what they told me this morning, Cllr Coleman will be able to keep his £15,000 allowances even after Barnet quit, because of his LFEPA membership as Anon states above.

    It is actually quite a relief. I was worried that we might have to have a whip round for poor Mr Coleman!

    Earlier this year I wrote a blog which mistakenly suggested that Cllr Coleman received £108,000 a year in allowances - when the actual figure was closer to £103,000. An anonymous poster (Mr Green perhaps?) was quite upset at the mistake - which I naturally corrected within an hour of the original post. The absurdity was that this person probably thought the public would think better of Mr Coleman knowing that he was only receiving £103,000.

    Does Anon think the public will be jumping for joy knowing that Cllr Coleman will not be losing this £15,000?