Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Toad's Roads

Barnet have appointed Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman as Cabinet Member for the Environment.

This is the same Mr Toad of course, whose environmental policies so far have included:

True to form, Coleman croaked:
"My priorities are roads, roads, roads and roads." *

One can only assume that this is part of Barnet's EasyCouncil approach - so if we want someone in charge of the environment who gives two hoots about it, we must pay extra.

In separate moves, Barnet have made Ronnie Biggs responsible for safeguarding the money, left the cats to mind the mice and put the lunatics in charge of the asylum.

* He really did say this!


  1. Fabulous news! We can look forward to 70 mile an hour minimum speed in residential areas and the introduction of 'Coleman lanes' around the borough so that the divine Brian may travel uninhindered by the plebs or traffic restrictions.

  2. Ronnie Biggs would have been better then Mike 'the banker' Freer.